Meet The Team

Super Dad - He is the glue that holds us together.  He works hard to support our family every day and he still comes home and makes us smile all the time.  He is a Godly man and I love him very much.

Super Mom - I am the author of this blog and this is my family.  I am calling myself super mom not because I think I am the best or anything but I can say that in my kids eyes, I am everything and that makes me feel like a super hero!  I love my kids and I get the awesome privilege of staying home to care for them and teach them every day.  I make mistakes along the way, but above all, I am a servant of God and will do all things through Him that strengthens me.

Power Princess - is our 11 yr old future leader of well anything she wants.  She enjoys imagination play and frequently takes a band of imaginary friends through brilliant and sometimes death defying adventures in our house.  She is very strong in her convictions and she has a loyal heart.  I love her strong will and I trust that it will take her very far in life.

Rainbow Brite - is our 9 yr old Southern Belle.  She is everything I ever wanted in a little lady.  But don't let her beautiful delicate exterior fool you, as she is the bravest, strongest 7 yr old I now have the priviledge of knowing.  She is incrediby sweet and giving but she is also quick to stand up for what she believes in and that will be one of her strongest qualities when she grows up.

Spider Man - is our 7 year old.  He is so very clever and curious.  He is perhaps the most curious of my children.  He loves to explore and is very quick to find everything he is not supposed to have and he will smile at you while he does it.  Our son is so very loving and caring and he really loves to snuggle which makes me very happy and fulfills my need to snuggle as well.  He has the ability to make you smile no matter what the situation is.

Powder Puff Girl - is our youngest at 4 years old.  She is a mix of everybody.  She loves everyone and smiles alot but at the same time she knows what she wants and when she wants it!  She is very clever and very curious too.  She is everybody in one package!

Our family is the most important mission in my life.  I love them and they are my whole world.  Thank you God for blessing us with each other!

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